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Internet Requirements
  • High Speed Internet 25 Mbps minimum
  • Wired or WIFI Router
  • Router needed when connecting additional devices
  • You can call your internet service provider and ask them what is my download speed, or you can check your internet speed on your PC by going to www.speedtest.net and run a speed test.
What is IPTV
  • IPTV or Internet Protocol Television in simple term is television through internet. It delivers television programming to households via a broadband connection and requires a subscription to an IPTV service provider and STB (Set-Top-Box).
  • Why IPTV: The reason IPTV is gaining popularity and being used in several households is because of its AAA (three A’s)
  • Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

How It Works

  • Easy Install

    No Dish Needed

    Plug & Play

    Internet Connection Required

  • Activate

    Power on the TV

    Select your input

    Call 1.877.355.2788 Option 2

  • Enjoy





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Quick Troubleshooting

I get the message "Network or Device is currently unavailable"?

Restart your router, ensure that the ethernet network is connected correctly.

  • 1. Select “SETTINGS ” on the main menu and press OK
  • 2. Then select “Network” and press OK on the remote control, then select “LAN”, and press OK
  • 3. Select “DHCP”, and press OK
  • 4. When you see the dialog box please select “Yes” and press OK
  • 5. When you see the check mark in the DHCP options, then you have successfully changed the static address to DHCP
  • 6. Press Back untill you have come to the start screen, and then choose START.

On the top right corner of your TV needs to say CONNECTED