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Chief Operations Officer

Christos Georgalas

Christo is the senior manager who is responsible for managing the company's day-to-day operations and reporting them to the Board of Directors.

Christo is concerned with long-term business goals and outlook for Ellas TV, his focus is on the daily grind of executing the company’s business plans according to its business model. He makes the plans and implements them. Christo will use this guidance to make his daily operations decisions, even down to the smallest details.

To enhance the company’s reputation with its customers, Christo might increase the salespersons’ entertainment budgets. To improve quality control, Christo might instruct the human resources department to hire more quality control personnel. Christo determines the specifics needed to carry out the Board of Directors general plan.

Chief FINANCIAL Officer

Angelo Mitroussios

Angelo is Ellas TV's Controller and is acting as Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for all financial planning and reporting, as well as participating in key decisions pertaining to strategic initiatives and operational execution.

Angelo has more than 30 years experience in top financial management.

Chief Technology Officer

Mario Pappas

Mario Pappas is the inventor of Ellas TV's technology and developed the original Ellas TV concept, vision, and technology plan. Mr. Pappas has fifteen years€™ experience developing and executing technical strategies and developing consumer-oriented applications.

Mario is Chief Technology Officer and is responsible for translating the Company’s strategic vision into an aggressive, but achievable development plan for the company.

Ellas TV
Commercial 2015

Greek News, International & Greek Sports, Greek Series, Kids Programming translated in Greek, Greek Cinema, Greek Music

Ellas TV also features Regional Greek Channels directly from Greece.

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Greek Television In The Comfort Of Your Living Room

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Ellas TV is the #1 Greek Televsion platform in the world, this is the only product you need when you are away from your home country, Also Ellas TV has added Hellas FM with video with excellent exposure Dimitris Fillipidis, General Manager | Hellas FM